Technical assistance for the implementation of the public finance management reform (EU REFIN) programme in Algeria

Opportunity type : Job Opportunities
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The total amount of the EU REFIN programme is 35 090 000 EUR with a contribution from the EU of 10 000 000 EUR. It will be implemented with the project approach.
The objective of this service contract is to recruit technical assistance (TA) to support the implementation of the programme EU REFIN. The purpose of the technical assistance will be to achieve the overall objective of the project, which is to improve the performance of Algerian public financial management (PFM) through a significant support project for the implementation of the strategic plan for the modernisation of public finances (PSMFP).
The TA will comprise of a main expert and will support the Programme Director on a continuous and ongoing basis in the execution and management of the programme. Specialised ad-hoc non-main expertise must be recruited for interventions in the different technical fields covered by the programme. The TA must provide support staff, the necessary equipment and the means required for its ongoing operation.

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Countries covered:

  • Algeria