Technical assistance for the Ministry of Justice, Morocco

Opportunity type : Calls for Proposals
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The technical assistance under this contract aims to support the EU’s programme to support justice reform by:
• setting up a support unit at the Ministry of Justice, in order to (i) support it in coordinating the implementation of priority activities for the current reform of the judicial system and, more specifically, the EU’s programme to support the sector’s reform; (ii) help build up the institutional capacities of the Ministry’s various directorates and departments in implementing the activities provided for in the reform charter; (iii) promote coherence of the legal system vis-à-vis international standards and conventions ratified by Morocco in this field,
• providing experts for short-term assignments in order to provide ad hoc expertise or technical support to assist with implementing certain activities under the EU’s support programme, as well as carry out studies, surveys, assessments, training, etc. consistent with the aims of the support programme,
• assisting with communication activities as regards justice reform and the EU’s programme to support justice sector reform by developing and implementing a communication plan.

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Countries covered:

  • Morocco
Human Rights