Technical Officer, EU-funded Strengthening the Institutional and Human Resources Capacities of the Ministry of Social Solidarity Project

Opportunity type : Job Opportunities
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Egypt’s 2014 Constitution recognizes social protection and social justice as a right for citizens and
dedicated one pillar of the national Sustainable Development Strategy (SDS) Egypt Vision 2030
specifically to social justice (fifth pillar), with specific reference to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
1, 2, and 5.

The Ministry of Social Solidarity (MoSS) is the mandated government body responsible for providing social
safety networks for Egypt’s most vulnerable citizens. MoSS’ main vision goals aims in creating a social
safety net for citizens by supporting and protecting poor families, caring for lowincome people, raising
their standard of living and improving the level of services provided to them, in addition to MoSS’ three
main strategic policies: Social Protection, Social Care, and Social Development.

The project “Strengthening the Institutional and Human Resources Capacities of the Ministry of Social
Solidarity” is implemented by Ministry of Social Solidarity and supported by the United Nations
Development Program (UNDP) and funded by the European Union (EU) Delegation and the Government
of UK.

The overall objective of the project is to support MoSS on Egypt’s Social protection response for COVID
19, as part of the EU’s COVID19 response funding. The suggested outputs are responsive to the priority
areas of interventions identified by MOSS.

Duties and responsibilities:

Under the full supervision of the Project Manager, the Technical officer will be responsible for operational
project management in accordance with the project document and the UNDP guidelines and procedures
for nationally executed projects, including:

  • Support the Project Manager in overall general coordination, evaluation, management and
    supervision of project implementation;
  • Ensure timely preparation of training programmes designed for stakeholder’s, with respect to
    project review cycle;
  • Ensure timely preparation and submission of inception report, project annual work plans,
    progress reports, etc.;
  • Ensure timely preparation of the ToRs for national and international consultants, follow up
    implementation and report progress to the Project Manager;
  • Ensure timely preparation and submission of required reports in the UNDP project cycle,
    including technical, and financial, reports;
  • Represent the project during review meetings, and evaluations, upon request from the Project
  • Perform consulting assignments with clients by facilitating workshops, through interactive
    sessions and assisting in developing the action plan the client will use to manage change;
  • Initiate and coordinate outreach activities, conduct training workshops and seminars, provide
    logistical support to workshops outside Egypt, as needed;
  • Play a lead role in identifying significant issues and develop wellreasoned, innovative
    approaches in dealing with them;
  • Perform other coordinating tasks as appropriate for the successful implementation of the
    project in accordance with the project document and as requested by the Project Manager.


Countries covered:

  • Egypt