Training Dealing with Refugees: from challenges to opportunities

Opportunity type : Training
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The main aim of the Conference is to identify the possible paths of positive integration of refugees in the hosting countries and to empower the NGOs/youth work organisations to use innovative methods and approaches for better integrating refugees in the local community considering all the possible limitations due the national regulations.

The Conference will focus on some specific elements that could find a potential development within Erasmus+ Programme (supporting international projects for exchange of good practices):
– Role of youth work in dealing with refugees (at different level as NGOs, municipalities, youth NGOs, institutions, etc.)
– Success stories and good practices about the empowerment and inclusion of refugees at local level and about community dimension;
– Mapping of the needs of NGOs//youth work organisations/youth workers/institutions working with refugees;
– Networking space among the participating organisations for future cooperation at international level.

Countries covered:

  • Jordan