YEP MED Talent

Opportunity type : Training
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YEP MED Talent is a unique edition of a practical course workshop for students pre-selected from a pool of participants who completed the YEP MED trainings.

The course will take place over seven days in the city of Barcelona and on board of a Ro-Pax vessel between the Spanish city and the Italian city of Civitavecchia (the Gateway to Rome). For the pre-selected course participants, this will prove to be a transformative journey to further expand their skills and knowledge in intermodal transport, international trade and logistics, while also networking with other talented students from the eight different port communities that are represented in the YEP MED project.

YEP MED Talent offers a comprehensive understanding of the latest industry trends of international trade, as well as details on how to coordinate intermodal & sustainable transport chains, foster entrepreneurship, and attain innovation skills and attitudes – all of which is needed to thrive in today’s modern sector. This is accompanied with hands-on experiences in real-world operations, while receiving support and guidance from experienced professionals.

A professional assessment

Throughout the training, course participants will be observed and evaluated by a team of professionals equipped with recruitment knowledge to help boost their professional profiles. Once the course is completed, this team will create assessment reports for each participant to complement the CVs of the participants, and to put at the disposal of the port logistics companies. In these reports, participants will be able to understand how to shape their skills and their expectations towards a career in logistics. These experts in recruiting will also be able to orientate the students to their best options, based on the strengths and weaknesses identified during the course.

Countries covered:

  • Egypt
  • Jordan
  • Lebanon
  • Tunisia