#InTheirEyes Closing Event Activities

April 19, 2023
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Day 1: The first day of the InTheirEyes closing event began with inspiring speeches focused on EU activities and strategies in the southern Neighbourhood. This was followed by an informative session on the EU Goodwill Ambassador mission and guidelines.


Day 2: The second day started with a productive session on how EU Goodwill Ambassadors can share EU opportunities. This was followed by a visit to the picturesque Ken village for lunch, where EU Member State Ambassadors and representatives were met. The day ended with a cross-cultural culinary challenge, where teams showcased their cooking skills.

Day 3: The third day of the event began with a productive workshop on how to answer journalists’ questions as an EU Goodwill Ambassador. This was followed by a creative handicraft activity supported by the #EUinTunisia at Ken Village, where participants explored their artistic side.

#InTheirEyes Closing Event Activities

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