Assises du Journalisme

Project Duration
48 months
2 000 000 EUR

Countries covered:

  • Algeria
  • Egypt
  • Israel
  • Jordan
  • Lebanon
  • Libya
  • Morocco
  • Palestine *
  • Syria *
  • Tunisia

Brief description

Promote the support to Freedom of Expression and independent media in the Mediterranean region as top priority of the donor agenda

Main project objective/s

Specific Objective
Open the dialogue with civil society on their expectation in terms of information and promote the support to Freedom of Expression and independent media in the region to be among the top priorities on the donor agenda and to be done in the most effective way.

Outcome 1: raise awareness on the needs of independent media stakeholders in the region with regular consultations at national level and internationally with the Assises with two editions held in Tunis , participation of South representatives for 2 Assises in Brussels and 4 in Tours, two consultations held in 8 countries during the four years of the action and a network of actors is therefore constituted in person and maintained online

Outcome 2: foster coordination among donors and implementing partners through discussion on the needs and how they are addressed

Outcome 3: provide the stakeholders with an updated Media Needs Assessment study with two published updates during the action (one end 2022 and the other end 2024) on platform in Arabic, French and English.

Actions in brief

Activity 1-Two Assises Internationales du Journalisme are held in Tunis at the end of year 1 (2021) and of year 3 (2023), alternating with sessions in Brussels (end 2022 and 2024);

  • representative participants from the South bring their experience and raise awareness at the Assises de Tours every year. On the margin of the Tunis and Brussels conferences, seminars gather donors and implementing partners to discuss how to improve their contribution to the production of quality information.

Activity 2two national consultations per country for stakeholders and donors representatives to feed in the national assessment studies are held over the period of four years.

  • The floor will be open to actors; donors and implementing partners will reply to grievances and demands, before all participants together will formulate and discuss national needs assessment, best practices, learn from national research, and agree on recommendations to be shared to donors and implementing partners, and a road-map, as a result of each national consultations, to be published online available to all interested party.

Activity 3-Two updated pan-Neighbourhood Needs Assessment studies are published (one end 2022 and the other end 2024)

  • as a result of recommendations and road maps from national consultations, discussions with donors, implementing partners and stakeholders at the Assises du Journalisme in Tours every year and in Brussels or Tunis alternatively every two years. Country chapters resulting from national consultations will be attached as annexes to the overall regional study.