Civil society as an advocate for the rights of persons with disabilities in government decision-making

Project Duration
2012 - 2016
€0.913 million

Countries covered:

  • Jordan
  • Lebanon

Brief Description

The project strengthens the role and capacity of civil society organisations (CSOs) focusing on disability issues to work with local government in local decision making processes and in monitoring the promotion of the rights and experiences of disabled people in policy design.
Countries covered: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine, Jordan, Lebanon


The project aims to benefit disabled people, engaging CSOs as a representative voice and dynamic advocate for disabled people in each country and at a regional level, and enabling them to work with local governments to apply and embed new ways of working, promoting good practice that enables disabled people to actively participate in the decision-making processes.

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Actions in brief

Action 1: Establishment of a framework for local government decision-making and action that strengthens the ability of government to recognise and address the needs and rights of people with disabilities (PWDs)

Action 2: Providing CSOs dealing with disability issues, local authorities and the media with skills and tools to raise awareness and to represent the diverse needs and issues facing PWDs more effectively

Action 3: Strengthening the involvement of CSOs and PWDs in government decision-making processes and in monitoring actions taken by local government to address disability issues.

Action 4: Strengthening national and cross-border cooperation for better understanding of disability and the rights of persons with disability across the participating countries.


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