Core Support for Independent Media in the Southern Neighbourhood

Project Duration
60 months
10 000 000 EUR

Countries covered:

  • Algeria
  • Egypt
  • Jordan
  • Lebanon
  • Libya
  • Morocco
  • Palestine *
  • Syria *
  • Tunisia

Brief description

to provide comprehensive bespoke core support to the independent media sector to ensure it remains independent, plural and resilient, is able to defend against current threats and can promote critical civic-minded thinking among diverse Southern Neighbourhood populations.

Main project objective/s

Specific Objective: The Action aims to strengthen the continued independence of independent media and journalists serving the public interest through strategically targeted, tailor-made enhanced capacity building to support the development and sustainability of pivotal capacities.

Outcome 1: improving sector capacities to safely produce and share verified information and high-quality public interest media content that more effectively reaches relevant audiences (including underserved populations).

Outcome 2: improving the business viability, resilience and safety of media outlets through a holistic approach to inclusive managerial/editorial policies and practices, and business development and revenue generation.

Outcome 3: strengthening existing regional networks (including their operational capacities) so they can more effectively convene communities of practice and facilitate knowledge exchange in the Southern Neighbourhood, and link this to global partners.

Actions in brief

Activity 1- Media content/audience:

  • 1: Relevant capacity building to produce high-quality, accurate (verified), ethical, gender responsive public interest media content delivered to at least 12–16 independent media outlets, e.g. journalists, digital content producers, editors;
  • 2: Innovative media content production Fellowship Programme for young journalists (all genders) established and fully operational, with emphasis on innovative media content production reaching new audiences in-country, across the region and beyond;
  • 3: Relevant capacity building for increased technical knowledge of audience analytics and effective audience engagement, including under-served audiences, delivered to at least 8–12 media outlets, with attention to safety issues;
  • 4: Capacitated independent media outlets develop and implement safe, effective audience engagement strategies (with attention to under-served audiences), using inclusive media formats and innovative content production.

Activity 2 (sector resilience and viability):

  • 1: Relevant capacity building delivered to at least 10 independent media outlets (business developers, managers, editors, owners) to support them to develop more robust and transformative in-house managerial foundations, including agreed targets/performance indicators;
  • 2: Relevant capacity building delivered to at least 10 independent media outlets (business developers, managers, owners) to support increasing financial independence and resilience by means of a comprehensive tailor-made approach to business development, including exploration of new revenue streams and effective use of technology for distribution;
  • 3: Advanced digital security training and support delivered to at least 45 designated digital security focal points (editors, journalists and/or employees) at a minimum of 15 independent media outlets;
  • 4: Transparent, accountable grant-making scheme (2 tiers: large and small grants) for core financial support and innovative small-scale activities to enhance the viability, resilience and safety of independent media outlets is set up and operational, in full compliance with EU requirements.

Activity 3 (regional networking)

  • 1: Relevant support to strengthen capacity and increase professionalism delivered to existing regional networks of independent media actors and outlets, with attention to linkages with global partners
  • 2: Strong locally anchored communities of practice established and fully operational to facilitate regional knowledge generation/ transfer, innovation and production-led capacity building
  • 3: Business Lab to provide ongoing support and comprehensive business development services for independent media outlets is established and fully operational as a sustainable regional hub