EAMGM – Euro-Arab Mashreq Gas Market Project

Project Duration
2005 - 2009
€6 million (MEDA) EC funds + €1 million in kind from MPCs

Countries covered:

  • Egypt
  • Jordan
  • Lebanon
  • Syria *

Brief Description

Supports the development of an integrated gas market between four countries (Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria), in order to create a regional gas market and as a step towards integrating with the EU gas market
Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria




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What Does It Do



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Actions in brief

  • Develops a Gas Master Plan, Network Development Survey and Feasibility Studies.

  • Formulates proposals for legislative and regulatory reforms.

  • Holds over 44 courses, trainings and study tours to provide know-how transfer.

  • Organises workshops and training events, on issues such as EU Internal Market Legislation and Regulation; Corporate Strategy and Corporate Management and Gas Tariffs.

  • Sets the ground for the establishment of the Euro-Arab Mashreq Gas Cooperation Centre.

  • Maintains an updated and informative website and a regular newsletter.
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