EBRD Small Business Initiative, extension to Lebanon, West Bank and Gaza

Project Duration
EUR 5.2M

Countries covered:

  • Lebanon
  • Palestine *

Brief Description & Overall Objective

The Action consists of a geographical extension to Lebanon, West Bank and Gaza of the current EU funded Small Business Services activities, now referred to as Advice for Small Businesses (”ASB”) activities, carried out by the EBRD in other countries.

The overall objective of the Action is to enhance the competitiveness and productivity of SMEs across a broad range of sectors in Lebanon, West Bank and Gaza.

Specific Objectives

  • Enhance performance of assisted SMEs by providing business advice and industry expertise through engaging local consultants and international advisers.
  • Improve access to finance for SMEs by preparing companies for investment, whether by the EBRD, other international finance institutions or local banks, and by providing advisory services to SMEs receiving finance.
  • Strengthen and contribute to a sustainable infrastructure of local advisory services.


Actions in brief

All activities under the Action will be aimed at raising awareness and interest among potential beneficiaries and disseminate results. The EBRD will seek to cooperate with relevant local stakeholders in implementing these activities. The following activities are envisaged:

Activity 1: Business advice and industry expertise provided to SMEs to improve their performance and serve as a catalyst for securing finance.

Activity 2: MArket developement activities implemented to improve the quality and supply of local business advisory services and to develop sustainable markets of local providers of advice and consultancy services.

Employment & Entrepreneurship Sustainable Development