SEED EURO-MED – Social Entrepreneurs Exchange & Development in the EuroMed

Project Duration
2014 - 2017
€ 0.277 million
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Countries covered:

  • Algeria
  • Morocco
  • Tunisia

Brief Description

Funded by the European Commission as part of the New Euro-Mediterranean Initiative for Youth Employment Promotion, SEED EURO-MED supports the development of social entrepreneurship across Europe and the Mediterranean.

Countries covered: Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia.


The project’s overall objective is to develop strong sustainable and inclusive growth and jobs in the Mediterranean region and Europe through entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship.

SEED EURO-MED’s specific objectives are:

  • to increase formal and informal links between entrepreneurs across Europe and the Mediterranean region, creating new opportunities on both sides;
  • to increase knowledge and skills of potential new and host entrepreneurs, enabling them to set up or improve their existing social enterprise;
  • to foster greater financial sustainability and inclusivity of (social) entrepreneurs to show value of practical cooperation;
  • to raise awareness of (social) entrepreneurship and create a more favourable policy framework.

Actions in brief

Its main activities are: enrolling host and new entrepreneurs, assessing applications, matching and preparing exchanges, running and monitoring exchanges, and following-up activities to the exchanges. It also holds bootcamps providing practical training and opportunities for dialogue, exchange and networking. 

Sustainable Development