Youth mobility and regional integration of Maghreb countries

Project Duration
2015 - 2018
€ 0.8 million
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Countries covered:

  • Algeria
  • Libya
  • Morocco
  • Tunisia

Brief Description

The project aims at fostering the integration of Arab Maghreb countries through advocating for youth cooperation and youth mobility within the region. 

Countries covered: Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia (and Mauritania in an observing role)


More specifically, it aims at:

  • establishing a regional structure representing youth organisations and likely to advocate for youth mobility in the region
  • defining and implementing concrete programmes and propositions for improving youth mobility in the region on 3 axes: higher education (student mobility); economy and employment; cultural and sport.

Actions in brief

* Identifying potential partners and key actors at national and regional levels.

* Advocating for youth mobility in the Maghreb region, thus participating in the integration of the Maghreb


* Creating a Maghreb Youth Radio.

* Publishing researches conducted by the project.

* Strengthening the capacity of the youth organisations and other private or institutional actors that are participating in the project;

* Researching the desire of young people to study, work or simply discover the other countries in the region and on the other hand, researching the existing constraints and opportunities related to youth mobility in the Maghreb region.

* Promoting synergies and exchange of experiences in the start-up business and social entrepreneurship sectors.

Implementing partners : We love Sousse (Tunisia), ACTED (France), Chantiers de la citoyenneté CDC (Morocco), Women and Youth Empowerment Forum (Libya), Association AGIR pour le Développement et l’Epanouissement de la Jeunesse (ADEJ) (Algeria)

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