BERLIN project benchmarking study – executive summary

May 29, 2020
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The BERLIN consortium developed a benchmarking study focusing on the current status of Renewable Energy (RE), Energy Efficiency (EE) and Energy Management measures in buildings in each partner region.

Partners provided necessary regional/national data on the deployment of renewable energy sources (RES), particularly of photovoltaics (PV), energy storage systems (ESS) and demand-side management (DSM), energy policies, market and barriers that might exist in each country for further use of PV, ESS and DSM. Moreover, current local practices on building energy rehabilitation has been analysed.

The study will be used as the starting point for the further promotion of PV, ESS, and DSM under nano-grid concept.

An executive summary of the benchmarking analysis has been prepared so as to disseminate the current state in the Mediterranean region, with particular focus in the participating countries; Cyprus, Greece, Israel and Italy.

BERLIN project benchmarking study – executive summary