Concept note for the creation of an industrial association of EE and RES components’ manufacturing to serve local markets in the meetMED target countries

April 3, 2020
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The meetMED experts discussed the feasibility of the creation of Industrial RE and EE associations in the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean region at a workshop held in Cairo in November 2019. Regional experiences and national case studies from Egypt, Jordan, Palestine and Lebanon were shared and contributed to the preparation of this concept note for creating a regional industrial association that could benefit the EE and RE market, regionally and locally.

The creation of a solid structure (e.g. Associations) at national and -potentially – regional level would serve along various manufacturing operations to develop and introduce RE and EE measures, as well as to promote local production of RE and EE systems’ components. Associations could also serve as an industrial and commercial lobby defending and promoting the development of a local market through a clear and efficient public policy for energy transition, including regulation and financing means.

meetMED concept note