Empowering people and building peaceful societies – Cooperation between the EU and the UNDP in the Arab States region

October 4, 2017
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“Empowering people and building peaceful societies” is the first major publication about the cooperation between the European Union and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in the Arab States region. It describes the context, goals and added value of the partnership, takes stock of how it has made a difference in people’s lives across the region and discusses opportunities that can make joint EU–UNDP work even stronger in the coming years.

In 2004, UNDP and the European Commission signed the “Strategic Partnership Agreement”, a document that outlines the institutions’ shared goals of establishing solid foundations for peace, strengthening recovery from crisis and promoting the fight against poverty. Since then, their partnership has helped millions of people around the world and has expanded to address all of development’s most pressing needs.

EU-UNDP partnership report