Euromed Feminist Initiative roundtable review – Engendering the crisis response in Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq: Reflections and recommendations

December 18, 2020
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The Madad for Women program produced under the leadership of the EuroMed Feminist Initiative the regional report “Engendering the Crisis Response in Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq”. Funded by the European Union through the Regional Trust Fund in Response to the Syrian Crisis, the EU MADAD Fund, the report has the broader objective of feeding into the research and policy-orientated findings of the program “Strengthening access to protection, participation and services for women refugees, internally displaced people (IDPs), and women in the host communities in Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq”.

An online roundtable, organized on 1 December and bringing together key stakeholders in policy, civil society, academia and grassroots organizations in Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq, sought to disseminate and critically reflect on the overarching findings of the report.

Its objective was three-fold: provide a cross-comparative national assessment of Lebanon’s, Jordan’s and Iraq’s strategies in combating gender-based violence, convey critical insights into the challenges that have thwarted a holistic gender approach across the three countries, and discuss lessons learned and best practices in “engendering the crisis response” in Syria’s neighbouring countries.

Euromed Feminist Initiative roundtable review