Euromed Migration study – Mapping ENI South Partner Countries migrants in the Euro-Mediterranean region: An inventory of statistical sources

March 27, 2020
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Commissioned under the EU-funded EUROMED Migration IV programme, this study intends to comprehensively map and classify existing statistical sources on migration in the Euro-Med region.

Addressing a crucial gap in policy-making, it aims to instruct practitioners and government stakeholders in the Euro-Mediterranean region on where to collect statistical information for mapping locations, movement trends and characteristics of Arab expatriate communities, with a particular focus on collecting sociodemographic information. In addition to this, the inventory may be used to assess and inform countries’ outreach practices towards emigrants.

The work is divided in three chapters:

  • Part one presents general information on the sources and resources available to map emigrants, as well as some data on expatriates from eight selected EU Southern Partner Countries (Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Tunisia). 
  • Part two is a catalogue of resources available classified by key locations and data-processing institutions. By covering an extensive range of institutions (International sources, think tanks and academic sources, domestic sources and national sources) the work highlights major challenges encountered in counting and mapping expatriates abroad. Sources’ features, strengths and limitations are rigorously mapped in a clear attempt to support data and information gathering on Arab expatriates abroad.
  • Part three formulates conclusions and charts a way forward for more coherent strategies in the region as a whole, making the case for a greater focus on statistical tools and instruments.
Euromed Migration Study