European Union – Algeria: a human-capital-based cooperation

November 14, 2019
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To mark the 24th edition of Algiers Book Salon, the European Union delegation in Algeria has published a brochure following the success stories of around ten beneficiaries of EU funded projects implemented as part of a multifaceted collaboration with Algeria.

From the Kheïma des mille métiers artisan project in Laghouat to Béjaïa, where young people are working to enhance their villages, to the Sahrawi refugee camps where Tateh Lahbib is building environmentally-friendly housing using empty water bottles, or Akbou, in the heart of Kabylie, where culture goes hand in hand with citizenship, ideas abound and initiatives proliferate, led by ambitious Algerians with the financial backing of the European Union.

The projects featured in this brochure involve a wide range of sectors, such as cooperation within the prison system, professional integration of people with disabilities, the strengthening of Algeria’s civil protection capabilities, the development of cultural industries and the restoration of heritage sites to boost employment and integration.

European Union - Algeria: a human-capital-based cooperation