MED-TSO deliverable 2.2.A. – “Candidates for Pilot Projects”

July 24, 2020
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Med-TSO moves forward to the next step in the Mediterranean Project 2 (MP2), releasing a new deliverable called Candidates for Pilot Projects, finalized by the Technical Committee “Regulation and Institutions”.

Having already achieved a complete set of rules for progressing in harmonising the regulation of power systems in the Mediterranean region, this committee intends, with this activity, to contribute to the proposal of a fast track implementation of the project through a “zonal approach.”

With a focus on the execution of this sub-regional method, the activity proposes a practical application of harmonisation for a subset of technical rules in priority sub-regions that have the potential for faster integration.
The main objective of the deliverable just released is to define the Pilot Project scope, which will subsequently be followed by a second step, aiming to define the structure and the development of activities within the related project.

MED-TSO deliverable 2.2.A. - “Candidates for Pilot Projects”