The Mediterranean Project 2015-2018 closing publication

July 4, 2018
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This publication describes the 3-year activity outcomes of the Mediterranean Project developed by Med-TSO, the Association of the Mediterranean TSOs for electricity. It is the result of a very intensive cooperation among the Members performed through the collaborative work carried out in the frame of the Technical Committees of the Association.

The Mediterranean Project encompasses a wide range of actions about:

a) the development of a reference Euro Mediterranean Grid and the development of a Mediterranean Master plan;

b) the definition of a set of rules for a regional Grid Code;

c) the optimization of the international electricity exchanges;

d) the creation of a Mediterranean data base;

e) the implementation of a knowledge sharing program; and

f) the adoption of proper visibility initiatives.

These 3 years of activity have concluded positively with important results to be kept alive for the future.

The Mediterranean Project 2015-2018 closing publication