MEDREG publication: New Available Regulatory Options for Integration of RES

February 26, 2021
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This report aims to call attention to the evolution of the power system. It starts with the recent development of renewables (RES) and changes in support policies.

It builds upon the 2019 MEDREG report “Analysis of auction mechanisms to promote RES” and presents the changes in the current policies in the MEDREG countries after analysing responses to a second questionnaire from its members.

Different types of self-consumption models are explained along with the presentation of case studies from MEDREG countries. Recent changes, along with disruptive innovations such as blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT), are demonstrated. Barriers for regulators to integrate RES in the power system are illustrated with the respective remedies.

The report also provides a set of recommendations for regulators and policymakers to prepare them for the new power system era.

New Available Regulatory Options for Integration of RES