MEDREG report : Gas infrastructure map of the Mediterranean region

May 9, 2018
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MEDREG published a report that provides an outlook of the gas infrastructure in the Mediterranean region, including interconnection points, cross border transmission pipelines, transmission and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) storage capacities, usage of the capacities and future investment plans across MEDREG members.

Based on data collected from 14 Mediterranean countries, the Gas Infrastructure Map may guide members to develop priority and/or potential infrastructure in the natural gas transmission systems, in line with natural gas supply-demand scenarios. The report also includes the technical details for the infrastructure of Croatia, Cyprus, France, Jordan, Malta, Spain and Turkey. 

In the context of new gas discoveries and technological development in the drilling process that have shaped the evolving natural gas sector in the Mediterranean region, this study provides an insight not only to regulators but also to policy makers. In addition, it aims to help them understanding the evolution of natural gas markets, and new trends, expectations, as well as barriers that characterise building new infrastructure investment.

MEDREG Gas Infrastructure Map