NET-MED Youth discussion paper : Survey on Youth and Media in Palestine

November 13, 2017
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NET-MED Youth has published a discussion paper entitled “Survey on Youth and Media in Palestine” in partnership with the Arab World for Research and Development (AWRAD).

The purpose was to understand the perception of Palestinian youth of national and regional media, and to think of ways to improve understanding of how youth relate to media, and how they engage with and are represented in different media platforms.

The Youth and Media discussion paper is the product of a long and careful process carried out by NET-MED Youth members as part of the media axis of the project. The project indeed encourages the increase of youth participation and representation in national, regional and international media.

Some key findings of this survey are:

  • Youth prefer new or alternative media platforms.
  • Many youth believe that all traditional media outlets are controlled, monitored and censored.
  • 60% are dissatisfied with the youth-related content presented in traditional media.
  • The majority of respondents (56%) believe that media present a stereotypical image of young women.
  • Youth in the focus groups were unable to cite any media programs that address the issue of disability.
  • To 61% of youth participating in the survey, Palestinian media do not cover the voices of all groups in society (indicating geographic, partisan and social class bias).
NET-MED Youth survey