Opinion Poll 2022 – Egypt (factsheet)

May 12, 2023
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Fact Sheet Egypt

Respondents have a low perceived and factual knowledge of the EU.

The EU produces mostly a neutral image, but there is a greater number of respondents with a positive view of the EU than with a negative one.

The EU is mainly associated with peace promotion in the world by those who have a positive view of it.

There has been a significant increase in the proportion of respondents who believe they know what the EU is all about in 2022 (+9 pts). Although this proportion remains low (28%), it suggests an overall better general level of knowledge of the EU amongst most of the Egyptian population.

The level of education and area of residence seem to weight on the positive sentiment towards the EU. A clear correlation can also be drawn between positive sentiment towards the EU and level of self-stated knowledge. It highlights the positive impact of increasing general awareness on the EU on the sentiment towards it.

The survey highlighted low levels of subjective knowledge that are confirmed by the responses to factual questions about the EU presented in the survey. Indeed, one third answered all the questions incorrectly with an average of only 1.4 correct answers out of a possible six.

There has been an increase in the proportion of Egyptian respondents who have a positive image of the EU (26% compared to 22% in 2021), while the proportion expressing a negative sentiment has remained constant at around 1 in 10 respondents.

One third of those who felt the EU had a positive image link it to EU peace promotion in the world (31%). This result shows a perception of the EU as a global peacekeeper.

Around 22% who expressed a negative image did so because of the close relationship between the EU and the US. A similar proportion (21%) cited the absence of religious values in EU society or mentioned the lack of political support from the EU to the Egyptian government (19%).

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