Positive Parenting Toolkit: how to maintain a harmonious environment at home

June 11, 2021
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UNICEF, with the support of the European Union and the Ministry of Social Solidarity in Egypt, edited a toolkit providing practical tools and techniques of positive parenting that can help parents provide the best care for their children during these stressful times.

The Positive Parenting Toolkit equips parents and caregivers with practical tools and techniques to help them maintain a harmonious environment at home and reduce violence or tension during these stressful times.

The toolkit focuses on bringing up a child who is self-disciplined through connecting and listening while at the same time setting clear boundaries and structure. It focuses on five main thematic areas: caring for the caregivers, health, nutrition, learning/cognitive, social/emotional support and protection from the ages 0-18 with the aim of filling in information gaps, correcting misconceptions and providing advice on positive parenting.

Positive Parenting Toolkit: