Rethinking the Water-Energy- Food Nexus in the Mediterranean

August 18, 2023
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Thinking, rethinking and optimizing the relationship between energy production and storage, water management and food is becoming a challenge in the Middle East and North Africa. A region of the world where climate change will increasingly impact water resources and where temperatures will be incompatible with agriculture. In order to ensure the food security of populations, should we not stimulate innovation and cooperation in order to generalize best practices in the Mediterranean?

The integrated approach to efficient use of water and energy resources will contribute to food security through the development of smart agriculture and the contribution of solution providers. At the government level, an evolution of the legal framework to optimize management in a context of scarce resources is recommended, as well as the improvement of collaboration and communication between ministries. With the now inevitable rise in temperatures, it will be necessary to show inventiveness and resilience to build an ecosystem with neighboring countries. Societal adaptation to climate change in the European Union and Mediterranean partners countries is becoming an imperative necessity.