TNS/ FEMISE Policy Brief no.1: E-health Start-ups, an Opportunity to Support the Transformation of South-Med Health Systems

August 6, 2021
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The aim of this policy brief is to address the issue of e-health entrepreneurship and innovation in the countries of the South-Med region. After providing an overview of the situation of the health systems in the selected countries, it explores the contextual elements relating to business climate, barriers to investment and ecosystems built to foster the creation of start-ups.

It also highlights the success stories of five start-ups from Algeria, Lebanon and Tunisia and outlines the motivations leading the entrepreneurs to create their start-ups, the contribution of their innovations to the health systems of their countries, the challenges they faced, and the role of their experiences in the success of their entrepreneurial projects.


TNS/ FEMISE Policy Brief no.1

TNS/ FEMISE Policy Brief no.1