Writing to Grab Attention, a handbook for EU-funded projects

July 29, 2016
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This practical handbook is an updated edition (2016) of the publication first produced by the EU Neighbourhood Info Centre in 2012.

One of the biggest challenges that EU-funded projects face in their communications is writing in a way that will grab the attention of their readers, be they journalists, stakeholders, officials, donors or any of their other target audiences.

Writing to Grab Attention addresses these challenges in a simple and animated way. It aims at helping those involved in projects understand issues such as what good writing is, why it’s important to have a catchy title and an introduction that tells the story, and why technical jargon and terms of reference don’t make good communication material!

The 26-page handbook is divided into three sections: Common writing challenges, Writing for the media, and Examples and more. It includes checklists, practical tips, and examples of good and bad writing.

Writing to Grab Attention