In the eye of the storm: Impact of Climate change on rural women (Ouissam El Hankari)

May 8, 2023
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How is climate change affecting women? It has become almost certainly proven that women and children will be the most affected social groups, especially in rural areas where women represent on average almost 60% of the workforce. The scarcity of rainfall and deterioration of the sea, among others, have negatively impacted the livelihoods of women and children and resulted in more vulnerability and inequality.
Sadly, other factors have also exacerbated this situation such as the increase in violence against women, economic exploitation, lack of social protection, gaps in gender wages, and many other factors.
Is it possible to develop climate adaptation strategies that take into consideration all of these factors and more, in order to protect women’s rights and support them as their environment becomes increasingly unpredictable? #SheTalks host Ouissam el Hankari tackles this subject with two experts on climate change and gender, Jamila Garmouma, member of the Federal League for Women’s Rights in Morocco and Amina Ben Fadhl coordinator of the EU-funded “Faire” project in Tunisia (
The European Union, contributes to supporting women in facing climate change through projects and programmes like InnovAgroWoMed (ENI CBCMED):