Ghada is a talented Tunisian pharmacy intern, actor, singer and content creator. At only 24 years old, Ghada’s positive energy, creativity and many talents make her unique. Her content creation allowed her to merge her love for singing with her passion for education and knowledge, representing both sides of her work and personality.


Ghada’s journey as a content creator began years ago when she shared a video of herself singing a traditional Tunisian folk song while playing the guitar. The video unexpectedly went viral a couple of years after it was initially uploaded. Ghada’s blend of Tunisian heritage music (and later, Tunisian dialect lyrics) and Western-inspired guitar sounds made her stand out. Inspired by the positive response to her video, Ghada began uploading more content, initially limited to covers but later covering education, lifestyle, travel and more. 


A pharmacy intern, Ghada is passionate about health and science. She reads scientific articles related to her work and keeps abreast of new research and discoveries in her field. Her love for knowledge and education, as well as her passion for music are evident in her content, as she focuses on creating educational and artistic content. 


According to Ghada, education is crucial, especially being versatile and knowledgeable in various fields with diverse skills, like her. She strongly believes that in a rapidly changing world, these skills are essential for success, and the opportunities offered by the EU to youth in the region are essential in this regard.


Ghada’s headstrong and stubborn nature has helped her overcome challenges and achieve her goals. Participating in #InTheirEyes has broadened Ghada’s horizons and made friends from all over the southern neighborhood. The EU slogan “United in Diversity” resonates with Ghada, and she is grateful for the opportunity to connect with people from different countries and cultures.


Ghada is a talented and inspiring young woman. Her journey into content creation is a testament to the power of chasing her dreams and her beaming smile is a reminder of the joy and happiness that can be found in pursuing one’s passions.


Her favorite quote: “We only live for a reason”, she laughed. A merge of her two favorite quotes “We only live once” and “everything happens for a reason.” 

People often ask me how I can do both. It's not always easy, but I do my best. Life is just full of opportunities, and if you're here right now then an opportunity will come your way and it's up to you whether you want to take it or not.

#InTheirEyes 2

On 7 May 2022 and during a LIVE session in the presence of 12 EU Goodwill Ambassadors from the Southern Neighbourhood, the EU Neighbours South Programme launched the 2nd edition of the #InTheirEyes, a competition aimed at digital influencers in eight countries of the Southern Neighbourhood: Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine and Tunisia.