Born and raised in the resilient land of Gaza, Palestine, Khalil Qishta is a ray of hope in a region marked by adversity. At 27 years old, Khalil’s experiences and determination to make a difference transcend his years, much like the trials and triumphs of his beloved Palestine. His name, Khalil, meaning “close friend” in Arabic, encapsulates his favourite trait—building strong bonds and fostering a profound sense of belonging to the place he calls home.


For Khalil, pride emanates from the supportive gazes of his cherished family, friends, and community members when he achieves milestones and pursues his goals. Even in moments of vulnerability, their presence gives him strength. From a tender age, Khalil harboured a profound ambition—to become an influential figure within the Palestinian community, striving to reshape reality. This aspiration burns brightly within him, and he eagerly looks forward to a future where his impact will be felt even more profoundly.


As a coordinator of community initiatives and campaigns aimed at improving the lives of people in Gaza, Khalil initially designed and executed projects without documenting or sharing them online. However, a need to preserve and disseminate these vital efforts compelled him to embrace content creation. He embarked on his journey by capturing and showcasing these initiatives, gradually expanding to encompass a diverse range of content. Khalil’s focus lies in narrating everyday life, imparting advice, and sharing experiences that resonate with and benefit his audience.


Khalil is committed to presenting content with utmost simplicity, ensuring that his message resonates effortlessly with people from all walks of life. “Here lies the value of the content, when it reaches people regardless of their nationality, ethnicity or faith”.


Participating in #InTheirEyes exposed Khalil to an exciting human adventure. In the European Union, beyond its formalities and seriousness, he discovered a warm familial embrace. Graced with the title of Goodwill Ambassador of the European Union in Palestine, Khalil takes immense pride in this achievement. He aspires to be a conduit, introducing the opportunities funded by the EU to his fellow Palestinians, further strengthening the bonds between two interconnected worlds.


In Khalil’s eyes, the principal challenge facing the youth of the region is the scarcity of opportunities amidst an overwhelming population of talented young individuals. The comprehensive development of youth is an urgent need that necessitates the efforts of organizations like the EU. Khalil passionately advocates for an effective communication bridge, ensuring that these remarkable programs reach their intended audience—the resilient young men and women who yearn for a chance to shine.


Khalil’s resilience, illuminated by his creativity and fortified by the love for his people, has cemented his position as a true inspiration. Through his content, he sparks change, touches hearts, and empowers those around him

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