Mahmoud is first and foremost a dedicated husband and father. Working as an engineer, in his free time, he’s also a passionate advocate for women’s rights as a content creator. Despite his age, Mahmoud’s favourite thing about himself is his ability to continue learning and inspiring others. 


Mahmoud’s journey as a content creator started with a playful joke from his wife. As he loves to read and always shares his insights and life hacks with Sara, she once suggested he start sharing his ideas on Instagram, joking that he would go viral. Little did she know that this idea would turn into a passion for her husband. 


Mahmoud creates content in three main pillars: motivational posts, book reviews, and women’s empowerment. Through his motivational content, Mahmoud encourages people to persist, persevere, and work hard until they achieve their goals. His book reviews share snippets that people can relate to, and his women’s empowerment content reflects his belief that women’s rights are often neglected in a male-dominated society.


Despite facing negative feedback and hate speech, Mahmoud remains committed to his women’s empowerment content pillar. He believes that even as a man, he has a responsibility to support women’s rights and empowerment. Mahmoud’s biggest challenge is the number of attacks and hate speech he receives for his take on women’s issues and equality. However, he has found a way to stay true to himself and his beliefs by not reading comments, positive or negative.


One of Mahmoud’s proudest moments is when his wife received an award for being one of the top 20 businesswomen in Egypt. As a supportive husband, he takes pride in her success and being able to contribute to her career. Mahmoud says he doesn’t have time for hobbies, as he spends his free time “trying to be a good father and husband”. He sometimes stays up late after his family sleeps to watch Netflix but ends up falling asleep during the movie or series.


Mahmoud believes that the biggest challenge facing youth today is the negative perception that they cannot achieve, which can be dangerous, leading to cutting themselves short early on in life. He believes that education and awareness-raising can help overcome this challenge. Mahmoud’s message to youth is to never cut themselves short and keep trying.


His favourite quote, a Hadith of the prophet Mohamed, is “Your smiling in the face of your brother is an act of charity.” Mahmoud believes in the power of kindness, positivity, and being kind to each other.

Your smiling in the face of your brother is an act of charity

#InTheirEyes 2

On 7 May 2022 and during a LIVE session in the presence of 12 EU Goodwill Ambassadors from the Southern Neighbourhood, the EU Neighbours South Programme launched the 2nd edition of the #InTheirEyes, a competition aimed at digital influencers in eight countries of the Southern Neighbourhood: Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine and Tunisia.

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