Ma’moun Al Herimi is a 30-year-old filmmaker from Bethlehem. Driven by the desire to help his community, he creates powerful and truthful content through documentaries and commercial films. 

The road to content creation was never an easy thing for Ma’moun Al Herimi. Starting with the rejection he faced from his family when he chose the “odd speciality of filmmaking”, the young Palestinian then received backlash when he started in the field of social media. “But, when they started seeing the achievement, the awards and the dedication I put into it, they showed me great support.”

Putting content creation at the heart of his filmmaking work, Ma’moun stresses that “influencing on social media means triggering change through meaningful content. “Young influencers can make a difference when they build truthful and powerful content and share it with their community,” he notes, citing the various awareness raising campaigns he partook in.

“It is all about helping people solve their personal problems, whether they are health, work or politics-related.

The 30-year-old Palestinian believes that films, especially documentaries, constitute a reflection of reality, making them a great conveyer of messages to the public. “I think pictures and documentaries are among the most powerful types of content that can change and affect reality.

By participating in the #Intheireyes campaign, Ma’moun says he gained even further skills to develop meaningful content. He also got to broaden his outreach: “this helped me spread my work and provide assistance to communities on a much larger scale, especially with the recognition of EU Goodwill Ambassador title.”

Try to take chances and go through all the experiences you can. When I first started making films and creating content, I never expected to receive titles or awards, but I kept trying and learning. Continuity is the key to success.”