“I am only the girl next door. If I can succeed in life, so can you.” This is how Tasneem Ma’abreyh, a young woman from Zarqa (northern Jordan) introduces herself. “Young people are extremely discouraged these days and I think it is very important to show them that there are opportunities out there. They do not need to be extraordinary to achieve great things.” The mechanical engineer remembers how, like most youth in Jordan, she struggled to get a job, even with top marks and self-taught fluent English. That is when she decided to start volunteering full time, handling the cultural programme of a local community-based organisation.

“I have always loved learning, writing and communicating,” recalls Tasneem. At only 28 years old, she has already published a book and launched her own podcast. “There are so many opportunities out there -scolarships, internships, etc- but young people just do not have the skills to seize them.” Through her platforms, Tasneem shares these opportunities, alongside advice on self-improvement, women empowerment and mental health. “Of course, this is starting to put me under fire from some people, but I also see the huge positive reactions from individuals who are eager to learn and talk.”

She says she is honoured of the title of EU Goodwill Ambassador, which allows her to be the link between her peers and an institution like the European Union. “I get to show formal entities how life is, #ThroughOurEyes.”

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