Algeria: 21th European Festival kicks off next week

June 16, 2021
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The European Delegation to Algeria, in cooperation with the cultural departments of the member states, is organising the 21th edition of the European Festival from 24 June to 2 July in Algiers.

After a one-year absence due to the health crisis, the Festival reconnects with the Algerian public with an edition hosted exclusively by Algerian artists and placed under the theme of “Algeria sings Europe”. In addition to being an opportunity to promote Algerian-European cultural dialogue, plurality and diversity, the event is also intended to support the artistic world which has been severely affected by the global pandemic.

For this new edition, Algerian voices from all over the country will revisit the European musical heritage through diversified performances combining rai, rock, pop, gnaoui, in addition to classical, Andalusian, Kabyle or even chaoui music.

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