Algeria: The EU is funding a training programme for the management of rural associations

October 25, 2018
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A training session on the organisation and administrative and financial management of associations was held this week in Algeria, as part of the DEV OASIS project “Supporting local stakeholders in the sustainable rural development of oases in southern Algeria” and the pilot programme between Algeria and the EU for Rural Development and Agriculture (PAP-ENPARD Algeria).

The goal of this training was to allow beneficiary associations to acquire basic knowledge on how to improve internal organisation as well as administrative and financial management.

This training session provided an overview of the history of the voluntary sector in Algeria, bringing together around ten associations from different provinces in the south of the country. Participating associations were also trained in the basics of administrative and financial management through a series of case studies. The training concluded with an exercise which involved producing a financial report (provisional budget for a given activity).


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Countries covered:

  • Algeria