Algeria : EU funds training sessions for rural women and young unemployed

July 27, 2020
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In the framework of the cooperation programme PADSEL-NOA and the creation of income-generating activities, two training sessions were organised from 19 to 23 July 2020.

The first training benefited to 16 rural women from the town of Ouled Ben-Abdelkader in the province of Chlef, and was devoted to the art of basketry. The second training involved 16 young unemployed from the town of Tagdempt in the province of Tiaret, and focused on aromatic and medicinal plants.

PADSEL-NOA, (le Programme d’appui au développement local durable et aux actions sociales du Nord-Ouest de l’Algérie [the support programme for local sustainable development and social actions in North West Algeria]) was launched in November 2018. The programme, co-financed by the European Union and Algeria, is targeting 6 wilayas (provinces) (Aïn Defla, Médéa, Chlef, Tissemsilt, Tiaret, Saïda), with the aim of revitalising local territories by stimulating inclusive and sustainable social and economic development. It also supports the creation of income-generating activities in agriculture, livestock farming or even tourism. The focus is on groups of end-users such as local stakeholders, project sponsors, in particular vulnerable and disadvantaged people within the towns, unemployed young people, women and people with disabilities, targeted by the Ministry for Solidarity. The total cost of the programme is €43.5 million, of which 20 million is being contributed by the European Union.


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