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May 30, 2023
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The Lorenzo Natali Media Prize rewards journalists reporting about inequality, poverty eradication, sustainable development, environment, biodiversity, climate action, digital, jobs and employment, education and skills development, migration, healthcare, and peace, democracy and human rights.

The Prize is awarded in three categories:

  1. International Prize- reporting published by a media outlet based in one of the European Union’s partner countries;
  2. Europe Prize – reporting published by a media outlet based in the European Union (not including the United Kingdom);
  3. Best Emerging Journalist Prize: open to journalists under 30 whose reporting was published by a media based in the European Union (not including the United Kingdom) or in one of its partner countries on development and cooperation.

Submitted reporting can have one or several authors. The participants must be the authors and holders of the copyright and the moral rights of their work.

If you are under 30 years old and have a media contribution tackling one of these topics, take this opportunity to share it and increase the impact of your story.

Each winner will receive a prize of €10,000.The winner of the Best Emerging Journalist category will also be offered a work experience opportunity with a media partner. The winning journalists will participate in an online Award Ceremony.

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Countries covered:

  • Algeria
  • Egypt
  • Israel
  • Jordan
  • Lebanon
  • Libya
  • Morocco
  • Palestine *
  • Syria *
  • Tunisia