Launching of “Adala-bot”, an innovative chatbot for Syrians inside and outside Syria

March 24, 2022
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Med Dialogue Programme announced the launching of “Adala-bot”, a chatbot that helps Syrians inside Syria and refugees by providing them with legal advice and information in order to protect them from abuses, crimes and injustices.

This website was developed following capacity building sessions provided by Med Dialogue programme during its “Hack to Act” Hackathon last July, and with the financial support of Particip GmbH.

More specifically, this tool gives Syrian refugees and displaced persons answers to questions on legal issues they are facing and related to property rights and civil status affairs. Thus, it will empower Syrians who suffered from political oppression, displacement or dispossession of their goods, properties and citizenship rights in better knowing the legal provisions they must deal with to reclaim them. This initiative is a unique innovation for the Middle East and the Arabic speaking countries.

It could be easily accessed by Syrians from their homes, by engaging in a conversation with the chatbot through their electronic devices. 

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