AQUACYCLE joins the future revolution in the construction and public works sector of Tunisia

July 6, 2022
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ENI CBC Med Programme

The theme of this year’s Ecological Construction and Innovation Days ‘Eco-Construction, the future revolution in the construction and public works sector’ proved a most befitting venue to showcase AQUACYCLE’s eco-innovative wastewater treatment system.

The display mounted by the International Center for Environmental Technologies of Tunis (CITET) in the AQUACYCLE Partnership, showcased the benefits that could be reaped from the project’s eco-innovative APOC system. The display highlighted the system’s ability to bring about improved sanitation management in decentralized areas in a highly cost-effective manner.

To this effect, the display informed how the APOC system provides for an all-year-round reuse of treated domestic effluent that is safe for irrigation purposes, and permits the recovery of valuable substances from the treated wastewater such as fertilizer and biogas.

The main aim of the display was to convey why decentralized wastewater treatment systems provide a smart, green alternative solution for small to medium-sized rural communities. In addition to providing a cost-effective solution to address the impact of climate by augmenting conventional water resources, the APOC system sets a best practice example in relation to the transition to the Circular Economy.

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