The Caravan: street theatre tour to tell stories of Syrian refugees in Lebanon

June 30, 2016
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The EU-funded project “the Caravan” puts Syrian refugee voices from the Bekaa valley in Lebanon at the heart of a street theatre performance through the use of recorded audio storytelling. The aim is to construct and tour a participatory street performance built collaboratively by professional theatre makers and non-professional refugee artists, which incorporates recorded interviews conducted with Syrian refugees living in Lebanon.

In the first two phases of the project, two artists spent 40 days in West Beqaa where they worked with 120 women (ages 20 to 85), 60 men (ages 30 to 65) and 50 kids (ages 6 to 13) from four different camps. They conducted storytelling workshops in which participants spoke about their needs, thoughts and experiences related to integration into Lebanese society. Twenty stories were recorded during this phase.
In April, the Caravan launched its third phase during which actors were selected to perform 8 stories at the Caravan’s tour. It then conducted the preparation and rehearsals for the final performance during the Caravan tour which started on 21 June and lasts until the end of July.
Since the group can’t move freely in Lebanon due to their residency papers, another professional Syrian cast will be performing the caravan’s play in areas outside the Bekaa valley.
The Caravan project is co-funded by the EU as part of the Drama, Diversity and Development project implemented in the framework of the EU-funded Med Culture programme. (EU Neighbourhood Info)
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Countries covered:

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