Clean Up Beach: Ecopact en Action pour un Environnement Durable

August 23, 2023
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On Saturday 12 August 2023, a major milestone in the preservation of our coasts was passed with the holding of the “Clean Up Beach” event. Organised on the Chat Memi beach in Ras Jebel, this initiative was orchestrated by the Ministry of the Environment and Ecopact, the Lake Bizerte environmental clean-up programme. This event, which stressed the commitment to protecting the Lake Bizerte region, brought together a range of actors who in their various ways all helped to convey Ecopact’s message: preservation, raising awareness and equilibrium.


Ecopact’s role as the driving force behind this initiative is undeniable. With its mission of preserving the coastal ecosystems and the environmental riches of the surroundings of Lake Bizerte, Ecopact has taken up the challenge of preserving our natural heritage with a holistic approach. “Clean Up Beach” was not just a clean-up campaign, but also a real catalyst for environmental awareness-raising and education.


Under the patronage of the Minister of the Environment, Leila Cheikhawi Mhaddoui, the event was marked by a day devoted to cleaning up, awareness-raising and constructive exchanges. Regional and local authorities and public institutions, civil society organisations and even private sector entities joined together with a common objective: the conservation of our beaches and coastal ecosystems.


The actions undertaken as part of “Clean Up Beach” revealed a variety of approaches to bringing about positive change. Composting workshops showed how to transform organic matter into fertile resources, while workshops on plastic waste recovery stimulated creativity, with waste products being transformed into works of art.


A standout feature of this event was the direct awareness-raising of swimmers and other beachgoers. Ecopact illustrated how simple ecological practices can have a significant impact on the safeguarding of the marine ecosystem.


To conclude, “Clean Up Beach” was much more than just a clean-up event. It was a demonstration of the importance of cooperation among the public, private and association sectors, under the banner of Ecopact, to protect Lake Bizerte. The initiative proved that every little action counts in preserving our beaches, and lit up the way towards an environmental citizenship that is more aware and more sustainable.

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