Creative Europe: call to support publication of European literary works

September 28, 2021
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Creative Europe programme has launched a call for proposals to support the circulation of European literary works. This action will support projects that will translate, publish, distribute and promote works of fiction.

Selected projects will contribute to the following objectives:

  • strengthening the transnational circulation and diversity of European literary works in particular by encouraging translations from lesser used languages into English, German, French, Spanish (Castilian) and Italian
  • reaching new audiences for European literary works in the EU and beyond
  • strengthening the competitiveness of the book sector by encouraging cooperation within the book value chain

In addition to the translation, promotion and distribution activities (import strategy), proposals can also include business-to-business “export” activities to help foster the sales of translation rights in Europe and beyond. The deadline for application is 30 September 2021.

Creative Europe programme, of which Tunisia has been member since July 2017, aims at supporting the cultural and creative sectors in the programme’s member countries.

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Call for proposals

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Countries covered:

  • Tunisia