DECOST: Capitalization meeting on waste management with stakeholders in Al Rafid, Jordan

July 14, 2021
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Representatives of the Irbid Agriculture Directorate (IAD) and the Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST), both members of the DECOST consortium, attended a meeting organized by the Al Rafid Women Association.

The association gave a presentation on the recent achievements done to enhance recycling metal and plastic waste, creating awareness, training the local community, listed different proposals to develop the town from an environmental perspective.

IAD and JUST briefed on DECOST project goals and activities to treat the organic waste at domestic level and linking outputs to agriculture and rural development which will be carried out soon in Al-Saru municipality, providing details about the number of families that they expect to involve and the environmental benefits for small municipalities like Al Rafid or others in Jordan.

The heads of the municipal councils have shown their interest in extending the best waste treatment experiences to all municipalities as much as possible, due to its positive impact on the economic, environmental and agricultural aspects.

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