Efficient Municipalities for Prosperous Cities: Closure of the Libya Local Governance and Stabilization EU Programme

June 17, 2019
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The closing conference of the Libya Local Governance and Stabilization Program entitled “Efficient Municipalities for Prosperous Cities” was held on 12 June. This program is funded by the European Union and supported by the Government of the Netherlands. Attended by representatives of local authorities and government officials in Libya as well as international organizations and experts, the conference was an occasion to announce the launch of a new cooperation program and the creation of a new platform for Libya to facilitate exchanges between the various actors of international civil society and local civil society engaged in Libya.
The program, launched in December 2015, was built upon 3 axes and fields of work (empowerment of the local authority with the strengthening of the municipal council’s capacities in the 23 beneficiary municipalities; capacity of municipalities to deliver better services in accordance with the citizens’ expectations; engage municipalities in an approach of openness vis-à-vis the local civil society).
The closing conference was an opportunity to present the programs currently being implemented thanks to the support of the European Union. The program “Local Pilot Projects in Libya: Strengthening Local Governance” was launched in 2018 to support eight Libyan municipalities. Similarly, a new partnership contract was recently signed between the two parties to further strengthen support for local authorities in Libya through the program “Improved Service delivery and Accountability on the Local level in Libya”.

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