Egypt: New NGO law likely to directly affect EU cooperation assistance

June 1, 2017
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“The new NGO law in Egypt is bound to put additional burden on NGOs’ activities and restrict the space of debate and discussion in the country,” said the EU Spokesperson in a statement released on 31 May, warning that the law risks making civil society’s contribution to political, economic and social development more difficult and is likely to affect EU cooperation with Egypt.

“Some provisions, such as the ones related to the registration process, the activities NGOs are allowed to perform and the procedure for receiving domestic and foreign funding, are also likely to directly affect European cooperation assistance to Egypt. Indeed, a large part of our cooperation relies on non-governmental organisations as important implementing partners,” said the statement.

The Spokesperson stressed that a “flourishing civil society, able to work in good conditions, is important for democratic and economic development and to help build political stability,” and that the EU expects the Egyptian government “to fully implement and uphold all the guarantees stipulated in the Egyptian Constitution and in international law and standards regarding freedom of expression and association, and the Egyptian authorities to apply the new law in a way that does not intimidate, restrict or criminalize peaceful human rights civil society organizations and their members.”

“Egypt is an important partner for the EU, and we stay committed to strengthening our bilateral cooperation and pursuing a constructive dialogue in all fields of our cooperation,” concluded the statement.

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