Energy efficiency measure implemented under EU project presented to Lebanon’s Industrial sector

August 31, 2016
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During a two-day conference held in Beirut last month and organised by CEDRO IV, an EU-funded project implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), stakeholders from the Lebanese industrial sector had the opportunity to listen to the concept of the Med Test II project, funded by the EU under the SwitchMed programme, and what measures can be taken to save energy in the production processes.

Innovative measures implemented so far in the 9 Lebanese companies taking part in the ongoing MED TEST II project were presented to underline the importance of an integrated approach in analysing energy inputs and outputs in the production process.
The immediate effect of the so far implemented measures has identified energy “hot spots” in the production facilities that will have a significant potential in reducing energy consumption and costs for the companies involved in MED TEST II.
The SwitchMed sustainable consumption and production programme aims to promote a switch of the Mediterranean economies towards sustainable consumption and production patterns and green economy, including low emission development, through demonstration and dissemination of methods that improve resource and energy efficiency. It also seeks to minimise the environmental impacts associated to the life cycle of products and services, and, as opportune, to promote renewable energy. (EU Neighbourhood Info)
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