ENPARD supports reform of agricultural extension system in Egypt

May 31, 2016
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In response to a request from the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture, the European Neighbourhood Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development (ENPARD) is focusing its work and discussions in Egypt on the reform of the agricultural extension system which was the subject of two workshops in first half of 2016.

During the discussions, participants stressed on the need to develop an efficient and modern advisory and extension system for small producers who represent 90% of farmers in Egypt. They also insisted on the necessity to reform the funding system of the agriculture extension in order to have a well-rounded system and to improve its performance.
Some proposals to address these issues were also tackled as well as the needs and necessary requirements to reform and modernise the agricultural extension service in order to assist the Ministry in developing its future agriculture strategy. 
The results of the workshops will be further developed and analysed through a study that will be carried out over the next six months in Egypt. The first part of the study will be based on the results of the first workshop, to go in depth in the diagnosis. In the second part of the study the experts will go further in identifying the outlines of various reform scenarios that were proposed during the second workshop.
ENPARD has been designed to support the EU’s Southern Neighbourhood countries in their agricultural and rural development. The initiative aims to support the formulation and implementation of renewed public policies in order to meet the challenges of food security, diversification of rural economies and governance in agriculture and management of rural areas. (EU Neighbourhood Info)
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Countries covered:

  • Egypt