EU election observation mission highlights Tunisia’s prevailing position on the regional democratic scene

October 16, 2019
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“The second round of the presidential election of 13 October took place peacefully and the election process was conducted efficiently and in a transparent manner,” noted the EU election observation mission (MOE UE) in Tunisia, which deployed 75 observers in 401 polling stations.

“The efficient conduct of the elections has strengthened Tunisia’s prevailing position on the regional democratic scene since 2011,” underlined Fabio Massimo Castaldo, MOE UE chief.

The Mission assessed positively the voting and counting operations in a large majority of the observed polling stations. The candidates representatives, as well as the national observers present in 42% of the polling stations, were generally able to work unhindered in the polling stations and the counting centres observed by the MOE UE.

During the campaign, the direct access of both candidates to the media was limited. The monitoring unit of the MOE UE detected infringements, especially on Nessma TV, the channel where the candidate Nabil Karoui is a shareholder. Moreover, the Mission noted during the electoral silence period 113 paid online advertisements in favour of the candidates, therefore infringing the legislation.

The EU election observation mission will stay in Tunisia until the publication of the final results of the presidential and legislative elections. It will submit at a later date a final report on the whole process as well as recommendations for future elections.


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